I was more than thrilled to hear from my long-time childhood friend, Stephen, at the end of August about wanting to purchase his first home with his fiance, Kara. 

Like many first time home buyers, one of his first questions was concerning how much money he would need to have for his down payment and how they could get pre-approved for a loan.

I was able to connect them with a couple of wonderful lenders that they really connected with and made the first-time as smooth as possible.

We immediately started digging through the MLS to find the perfect home for this soon to be married couple, so time was not necessarily on our side. But, as luck would have it we were able to find a home that they adored and we put an offer in. Unfortunately though, after multiple counters back and forth we couldnt come to an agreement. As they say, some things just aren't meant to be so that other things can be. 

So, we started our diligent hunt once again and viewed some other homes. Some were definite no's and other's were possibilities. But then we found the one. I could see the look in their eyes that I love to see when I know that my client is envisioning their life in this new home. 

This is what brings me joy every day in my career - the happiness that Stephen and Kara had the first time they saw their new home and when they get the keys to their new home.